On the Urge to Perform – Andrea Assaf

Performative Visions By Andrea Assaf This article was first published by The Public Humanist (September 14, 2009).* Perform: to give form to. To carry out, enact, or fulfill. To give a rendition of; to follow a pattern of behavior; to play. To do in a formal manner according to prescribed ritual; to be in a […]

CAATA Reflections: Pre-conference of West & Central Asian American Artists 2016

By Shruti Purkayastha Re-posted with permission from the TeAda Productions newsletter, November 2016 Editor’s Note:  In October 2016, Art2Action co-organized the pre-conference to the National Asian American Theatre Festival, produced by the Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists (CAATA), hosted for the first time by Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF).  The pre-conference convened Middle Eastern, […]

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