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11reflections-muralEleven Reflections on September, a poetry/spoken word & multi-media performance on Arab American experience, Wars on/of Terror, and “the constant, quiet rain of death amidst beauty” that each autumn brings in a post-9/11 world.  Written & Directed by Andrea Assaf.  Video Art by Pramila Vasudevan.  Featuring:  Lubana Al Quntar, Andrea Assaf, Eylem Basaldi, and April Centrone.

11Reflections OSF Collage (long3)Available for TOURING!  For more information, please click on the title of the work above, or contact art2action@earthlink.net for bookings.


IMG_20170530_135906560Women at Waters Edge/Mujeres al Filo del Agua by Celeste Miller and Dora Arreola.  This new work commissioned by Art2Action explores the places and moments we find connection—in our bodies, in words, in images… bringing together bi-national perspectives at a time when the USA/Mexico border is an extremely contested political site, literally and metaphorically.  Tijuana is a location where the physical border fence that divides Baja California (Mexico) and California (USA) extends into the water, the Pacific Ocean.  The idea of the “Water’s Edge” includes global warming, and the question of  shifting borders/boundaries/edges/filos – from natural forces that change the boundaries, to how political forces change borders, or delineate them.  Women in this location are women who refuse to follow the rules, refuse to be limited by artificial boundaries created by patriarchy and its destructive patterns.

Real promoFive Black Women (working title) is the debut solo show of Andresia “Real” Moseley, commissioned by Art2Action.  What do a devout Christian youth minister, a strip club recruiter, a ghetto thug lesbian, an androgynous metrosexual womanizer, and a nationally-recognized poet have in common?  Five Black Women examines religion and what happens when it fades, sexuality and what happens when it is explored, esteem and what happens when you risk everything to get it.  It’s about finding yourself, only to get lost repeatedly.  It’s about accepting self, even when sometimes,  you don’t really know who that it is.  What happens when circumstances push you, what’s too far, and how do we find our way back?  What does it mean to be who you are, when it’s all said and done?

DRONE title contrast

DRONE, a new work in progress,  about the secret life and secret work of a U.S. drone pilot.  It explores the seeming triviality of killing in an era of high-technology, “low-intensity” combat, and the effects of remote-control warfare on the human soul.  Aesthetically, it utilizes the “drone” in music and movement, as a metaphor for American desensitization.  Are we becoming a nation of drones?  By Andrea Assaf.  Featuring Nick Slie and Kathy Randels, in collaboration with ArtSpot Productions.

Available for development residencies & workshops … premiering in 2019-20!


OTC Poster (crop)

Outside the Circle, by Andrea Assaf and Samuel Valdez (directed by Dora Arreola), examines the nature of love, and what happens to love when we internalize society’s phobias. A straight man with cerebral palsy and a queer woman recount their adventures, and share their woes, of unrequited love, and unsuccessful attempts to seduce (straight) women. Their lives on both sides of the border intersect one night when they meet at a Tijuana bar, and become entwined in each other’s stories. Their parallel and interweaving tales reveal the illusions of normalcy, and the liberation possible when choosing life … outside the circle.

Art2Action also supports performances by transnational company-in-residence, Mujeres en Ritual Danza-Teatro.

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