Art2Action PRESENTS original performances, such as Eleven Reflections on September by Andrea Assaf, and Speed Killed My Cousin, by Linda Parris-Bailey and The Carpetbag Theatre Inc., as well as cultural organizing events, conferences and more.  Please visit our Presenting page for details.

Art2Action also CREATES, DEVELOPS & PRODUCES Original Works, including:

  • Eleven Reflections on September, Written & Directed by Andrea Assaf
  • Outside the Circle, by Andrea Assaf & Samuel Valdez, directed by Dora Arreola
  • DRONE, a new work in progress, in collaboration with ArtSpot Productions

These works are available for TOURING For video samples and more information, please visit our Original Works page, or contact for bookings.

Art2Action also supports performances by transnational company-in-residence, Mujeres en Ritual Danza-Teatro.  Find out more under Artists!